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Following the development of the market, we participate in projects of standardization of business processes in companies engaged in maritime activities and with companies related to them in business (occupational medicine, training centers, etc.)

Medical facilities

The process of standardization of medical institutions opens space for the improvement of medical services and monitoring of world trends in certain sectors.

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Alignment with international standards of construction companies as a result of market requirements and national legislation.

Metalworking / shipbuilding industry

Achieving the goals of quality and recognition in the international market of the metalworking and shipbuilding industries.


IT sector

Incorporating added value into the already achieved high level of quality of IT sector products and services.


Higher education institutions

By participating in the processes of adjustment and standardization of business activities of public and private higher education institutions, we have contributed to the construction of a modern education system.​


Renewable energy sources

Our consultants participated in the preparation processes for the certification of a number of companies dealing with renewable energy sources.


Local government and public entities

We are one of the first consulting companies that participated in business process standardization projects in local self-government units in the Republic of Croatia, with the aim of better and more open functioning towards citizens. (1).png


 Since its establishment in 2005, we have been involved in over 400, successfully completed, standardization projects: 

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